Individual and Couples Coaching/Counseling available to help individuals navigate the divorce process or to build upon their spousal or childrens relationships. Couples coaching available to strengthen interpersonal relationships. Clients may choose coaching or therapeutic interventions.

Center professionals consider therapy and counseling as advisors, helping you create an emotional roadmap for improved relationships between parents, between parents and children.

Additionally, therapy may help your children who are experiencing a most traumatic event when parents separate, divorce or seek custody. They feel put in the middle, between each of the parent’s wishes. It is also natural for some to feel loyalty to one parent, usually the parent with they are living. This is for many reasons. But importantly, they need help in understanding the process and that the parent who is absent from the child’s home did not abandon them.

Frequently, too, a child may feel blame for their parents’ separation, and may have difficulty functioning in school, at home, with their friends. Their life is changed, as the parent’s lives have changed. Relationships with grandparents which must be preserved are interrupted. Sides are often chosen and what was a large family is now disjointed, divided. Trust has frequently disappeared as much as mutual friends have.