Parenting Course: “Children in Between”

“Children in Between” is the Parenting Course required of all Florida parents to take when a divorce, separation, custody or modification case is filed. Your counsel or Judge will confirm this for you in your District. “Children in Between” is a DCF approved 4 Hour Florida State Mandated Co-Parenting Program for divorcing and separating parents offered by the Toby Center!

The Class is available in both classroom and ONLINE! It is available in English and Espanol!

“Children in Between” is a research-based program designed by the prestigious Center for Divorce Education, a new affiliate of the Toby Center! It is used now in most states and will strengthen your parenting skills, improve your co-parenting strategies, and help you become a more satisfied parent following your divorce!


ONLINE OR CLASSROOM INSTRUCTION AVAILABLE! Once enrolled online, you have 30 days to complete the program! At your leisure! *Confirm with your Circuit Court that you may take an online course.

Once completed, your certificate will be immediately available for you!

$35.00 Online!
$69.00 Classroom!
$159.00 Private Course instruction!