Family Mediator (South Florida)

Staff - Lynne GlazerLynne is an educator, a divorce expert, transformational coach, certified mediator with advanced training, and a Certified Integrative Blueprint and Spiritual Divorce Coach from the Debbie Ford Institute for Transformational Training. For 19 years, Lynne has successfully provided coaching, mediation, psycho-education, information, and advocacy to hundreds of clients

An empathic facilitator who spent five years in the legal system getting her divorce, Lynne realized that what was missing in her experience was a viable blueprint to follow. She needed to know in advance what choices to make and what steps to take to facilitate the best possible outcome.

For each of us, our experiences are shared as much as they are unique. The Divorce Support Group of Palm Beach County is formed to allow each person the opportunity to share, to learn, to adapt, and to adopt tools to help them adjust to “one of life’s ultimate challenges.” Says Lynne, divorce “is not a concrete event. It is a process that unfolds over time offering many challenges as well as valuable gifts and opportunities. By utilizing these gifts, it is possible to live a life you could have never imagined for yourself.”

Lynne is a former elementary school teacher, former bed and breakfast innkeeper/owner, transformational integrative coach, divorce expert, mediator, writer, mother, and grandma to three amazing grandchildren. She has written e-books on the emotional, financial and legal aspects of divorce as well as children and divorce. She has also written a book called On the Edge of Goodbye, True Reflections at the Crossroads of Your Life (Pub Date 2015). It is a book to help you decide whether or not to leave your relationship and to make you aware of how you support a relationship that does not work and what you can do about it.

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