Community Outreach Coordinator (National Office)

Staff - Meredith SchlegelMy name is Meredith Doyle Schlegel and I was born in New York City and raised in New England. I believe I am very creative, highly motivated, energetic, organized, empathetic and devoted. It is my wish that I will add new ideas, help in many ways and bring new enthusiasm to The Toby Center Organization.

I have a BS in General Studies, specializing in Art Therapy, Psychology and Business. Having gone through a difficult divorce with young children, my ordeal and experiences adds much to my commitment to the Toby Center.

I first met Dr. Roseman many years ago. I knew back then that the work he was doing was important and thought how great it would be if someday I could join him. Jump ahead a lifetime and here I am, The Regional Community Outreach Coordinator for The Toby Center in Central Florida. It’s a mouthful I know but it’s also the second most important job I’ve ever had. The first, of course, was being the best mom I could.

Being the Community Outreach Coordinator is important to me because I will be helping to spread the word through out Central Florida about the wonderful services offered By The Toby Center. I hope I will be able to help The Toby Center grow and help families through the transition of separation, divorce and child custody for many years to come.

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