Visitation Services (Lakeland)

Staff - Vicki StMy experience working with families has been fulfilling, rewarding, and most helpful to clients in multiple ways.

Academically, I have an Associates degree in Criminal Justice and Certification in Child Care & Management. I first began working with families as an advocate for those mentally challenged, frequently teaching how to use public transportation and personal self care. Since then, I expanded my client populations to include those physically challenged and the elderly for whom i served as a Program Aide. I have written evaluations for each client, and made recommendations for their activities for daily living (ADR). Frequently, clients were impacted by hospitalizations and hospice and my role expanded to liaison with nurses, doctors and medical assistants. Such coordination skills is vital to assisting many family clients of the Toby Center.

Our families have different levels of maturity, life experience and child custody requirements. I draw upon my background as a consultant to young mothers and their children, many of them babies for whom I taught breastfeeding and baby care. Children have become a critical focus of my professional work in recent years. I have recently served as Community Outreach Representative for Kids Need Both, serving on committees for the regional Domestic Violence Task and (PIC) Partners in Crisis.

I earned my Certification as a Guardian Ad Litem in May 2015. This experience gives me further insight and skills for serving on the Toby Center team in Central Florida. As visitation monitor for families requiring neutral guidance and coordination, i can further assist families in moving forward.

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