The Devastating Effects of Parental Alienation |10 Min Video

Dr Mark Roseman on the Devastating Effects of Parental Alienation

Dr. Mark Roseman of the Toby Center (www.thetobycenter.org) speaks on the devastating effects of parental alienation. One parent can sabotage the relationship of a child not only with his or her other parent but with the child’s entire extended family.

Dr. Roseman says that many mental health professionals are not trained to assess, diagnose, and treat the pathology of parental alienation. Consequently, these professionals may be guilty and liable for mental health malpractice.

In this brief interview, Dr. Roseman offers insight and some advice to the viewers, parents, and extended family suffering from parental alienation. He agrees that often parental alienation is trans-generational and a reenactment of childhood trauma.

He says that it is time we as a society deal with the pathology of parental alienation for the sake of the parents, children, extended family, and our grandchildren.

Jeff Morgan Published on Youtube on May 1, 2017