Clinical Services (South Florida)

Staff - Donna BellefioreI have been a therapist for over 30 years and I have to say, I love what I do!

At the beginning of my career my passion was to bring awareness to the community that alcohol/drugs was negatively impacting our youth and families. I became president of a community organization called “Aware” I interned for an inpatient treatment facility and was offered a job in the field . I became head of a prevention, early intervention program which was the first alternative to suspension program in Illinois.

I was able to intervene at the earliest stages of addiction. I educated parents and teens about the disease.

I went on to receive other certifications for problems that impacted our society. One of these areas was infidelity. As an author on infidelity issues (1999), I have turned down offers to appear on “Oprah” and other talk shows. The belief that my client’s healing would be compromised if they appeared on national television as my guest prevented me from accepting their invitations.

My goal is to help my clients reduce their pain and suffering, adjust to life’s unexpected grief, trauma and circumstances, and help them see the power within themselves to make changes when they can.

I strive for opportunities and see a myriad of possibilities that would make our world a kinder and safer place. My favorite group of people are progressive thinkers, and feelers who are not afraid to take risks despite adversity.

I believe that the Toby Center genuinely cares about the people they serve. I admire the work that they do and I am proud to be a part of this great organization.

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