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Subject: Feedback

Thank you so much!!

On Thu, Aug 24, 2017 at 7:09 PM  _____ wrote: To Whom It May Concern;

I am writing to offer Paula Duncan feedback in her capacity as monitor with the Toby Center.

From the moment we first met Paula I felt as though she cared about us. She made us feel like we weren’t strangers at all. She is also helpful and flexible when scheduling visitations.

Paula has quite literally gone out of her comfort zone to give my son and I the chances to reconnect. She has been our willing participant on so many adventures. Her abilities as a monitor sometimes require her to be a caretaker too. She has always been kind and patient with my son.

Ms. Duncan has been instrumental in the reintegration with my sour My child and I share a deep bond and she sees that. I am so thankful for her services as our Monitor.

Subject: Gratitude

You know I don’t think I ever gave my thanks to you all for your wonderful work with me and my daughter.
My name is ____ and my Daughter is ____. During a very difficult time in our lives Toby Center was able to facilitate supervised visits for us. at first I was skeptical about the quality of service that would be provided. I was uncertain exactly what to expect. I can honestly say that the experience was much better than I expected. Paula Duncan was phenomenal. She made sure to approach every issue and every situation with professionalism and tact. Even when things weren’t in my favor or when the rules didn’t allow certain things she made sure to explain those rules and to accommodate our needs in a way that made me feel that she cared and truly put my child first.

I know that working with children and broken families is something you guys deal with all the time but to see someone show genuine care, not just that professional “empathy” your taught to show but rather a genuine affection, care and love for us and our family and our case. Paula thank you. my daughter still asks for you and is excited to come hang out one day. I really do thank you all Dr. Roseman the work your doing is commendable and you’ve chosen an incredible staff. Thank you again and I hope everyone has a wonderful day! If you’d like to use my testimony for anything feel free to ask I am willing to share my story to help show others that they would be in good hands with The Toby Center.
Paula keep up the amazing work you do and thank you for all of your attention to our case. I wish you a prosperous and blessed future and know that you have a friend in me.
Meredith thank you for always being prompt in your attention to my questions and to my requests for paperwork ect. I can’t say thank you enough.
With my deepest respect and admiration,

Subject: Toby Center Experience

This is _____. writing in reference to my experience with The Toby Center, particularly with Paula. In short, she has made this extremely difficult time in my life much easier with her positive feedback, constructive criticism, and overall support. While I was at first a bit apprehensive of the notion of supervised visitation, Paula has done a great job at making it the best experience possible.

Paula is definitely a great asset to your company, a great individual to have representing your company, and I am grateful I was assigned to such a kind-hearted and understanding person. She has absolutely made the entire experience much easier for both me and my daughter to deal with. In addition, while I have never met Meredith face-to-face, she has been great with making my payment process fast and easy and has always been extremely friendly and personable on the phone. If you have any other questions regarding my experience with The Toby Center, feel free to contact me through any of the meat. below.
Best regards,

Subject: Thank you

To whom it may concern,
My daughter began attending supervised visitation in June with the Toby Center. I have been very pleased with the visitation location and our visitation monitor, Paula. I was v, apprehensive about reintroducing , daughter to her father after a lengthy time apart, but Paula has helped ease my anxiety by providing detailed information about visitation before the process began and providing brief feedback of the ,its when they conclude each Mae.

My daughter is comfortable entering and leaving the building with Paula and has always been excited to go to her visit. Visitation is helping my daughter get a few hours a month in with her dad but also providing the safely precautions required in our situation. Pm very thankful that we found the Toby Center and that we have Paula to help guide our visitation.
Sincerely, ______

Meet our Founder

Dr. Mark Roseman founded the Toby Center for Family Transition in 2008 to honor his mother, Toby, who had passed in 2007. Originally from New England, Dr. Roseman moved to Florida where family laws are among the most progressive in the nation.  He initially had thought the Toby Center’s main program would be family court mediation.  Instead, Dr. Roseman found that the need for supervised visitation had escalated in Florida as providers lost their funding.  Today, the Toby Center provides one of the largest supervised visitation programs in Florida and offers multiple child custody and therapeutic services for families in transition.

Preserving Family Ties

An Authoritative Guide to Understanding Divorce and Child Custody, for Parents and Family Professionals

Written By: Dr. Mark David Roseman

“The reference book by Dr, Roseman provides all readers with a common understanding of divorce dynamics, child custody variables, and opportunities for improved child outcomes when parents decide to separate and divorce. Parent alienation is included in the text but it should be avoided at all levels for each parent.”

Dr. Richard SauberForensic Psychologist, and Editor, The American Journal of Family Therapy

“The book will give the reader a historical background of Family Court as well as a direction for the future. It is a must reading for the professional and for the layman facing litigation. The summary of the research is excellent and easy to understand.”

Dr. Douglas Darnallforensic psychologist, author of “Divorce Casualties: Understanding Parental Alienation

“Dr. Roseman has completed a very thorough and helpful guide for families of divorce as well as professionals. Very carefully researched and written. No matter how much you think you know about divorce and how to lessen its impacts, you will learn something here.”

Dr. Donald A. GordonCEO, The Center for Divorce Education and Professor Emeritus, Ohio University

“If you are a person facing the prospect of shared parenting, or if you are someone working with such parents as a lawyer, judge, court appointed special advocate, or mental health professional you must wonder if there couldn’t be a better way than our current court system to resolve these family matters in a way that promotes the child’s well-being as well as the long-term connection of the family members. In this book, Mark Roseman offers a personal guide to just such better outcomes.”

Teresa L. Kaiser, JDFormer Executive Director, State of Maryland Child Support Enforcement Administration

We are honored by the two people who had the greatest inspiration for the creation of the Toby Center. They are Theodora ‘Toby’ Roseman (1929-2007) and David L. Levy, Esq. (1936-2014). Dr. Roseman’s mother, Toby gave him life, optimism, and humor. Dr. Roseman’s mentor in joint custody, David was acknowledged by three Presidents and the Federal Department of Child Support Enforcement for advocating a child’s right to two parents and supporting custody policy changes in over thirty states.