Dr. Mark Roseman – CEO, Program Director (National Office)

Mark RosemanDr. Mark Roseman is the Founder/President  of the Toby Center for Family Transitions, a Court Ordered Classroom location in Delray Beach /Boca Raton Florida.  His program centers around the needs of families, when parents choose to separate, whether they are single, separated, just divorcing or never married.

Dr Mark’s program at the Toby Center is a national model for serving the divorcing population and their children, with locations across Florida. An educator, Dr. Roseman has worked with children and parents since 1998 when he served as an advocate for joint custody and served with David L. Levy, Esq, President Emeritus of the Children’s Rights Council (CRC) in Washington, DC. In 2002-2008, Roseman served as Assistant Director for Child Access Services for the CRC developing training for supervised visitation and opening visitation locations in metro DC.

Roseman frequently quotes America’s foremost pioneer in child psychiatry, Dr. Karl Menninger who stated that “What children see at home, they will do to society.”  The Toby Center philosophy is that through assisting parents to be more confident and satisfied, their children will have a better opportunity to thrive.

Dr Roseman is a [multi-state] certified family mediator, specializing in high conflict divorce, parental alienation, the Florida court required “co-parenting class” and is a Certified Family Life Educator (CFLE).  He also writes editorial commentary for the Huffington Post Online. He has been a contributing writer for 400 newspapers of the Knight Ridder Tribune Syndicate.

Mark can be reached at (561) 244-0010 or mark.roseman@thetobycenter.org

Meredith Schlegel – Community Outreach Coordinator (National Office)

Staff - Meredith Schlegel

My name is Meredith Doyle Schlegel and I was born in New York City and raised in New England. I believe I am very creative, highly motivated, energetic, organized, empathetic and devoted. It is my wish that I will add new ideas, help in many ways and bring new enthusiasm to The Toby Center Organization.

I have a BS in General Studies, specializing in Art Therapy, Psychology and Business. Having gone through a difficult divorce with young children, my ordeal and experiences adds much to my commitment to the Toby Center.

I first met Dr. Roseman many years ago. I knew back then that the work he was doing was important and thought how great it would be if someday I could join him. Jump ahead a lifetime and here I am, The Regional Community Outreach Coordinator for The Toby Center in Central Florida. It’s a mouthful I know but it’s also the second most important job I’ve ever had. The first, of course, was being the best mom I could.

Being the Community Outreach Coordinator is important to me because I will be helping to spread the word through out Central Florida about the wonderful services offered By The Toby Center. I hope I will be able to help The Toby Center grow and help families through the transition of separation, divorce and child custody for many years to come.


Judy Kraft, LCSW, MFT – Clinical Services (South Florida)

Judy KraftJudy Kraft is a licensed clinical social worker/ psychotherapist in private practice, Healing in Relationships, in Boynton Beach and surrounding area.  She has had a 40 year career specializing in psycho-education and family systems therapy.  She has worked with dually diagnosed—addictions and mental health in National Alliance on Mental Illness and various 12 step groups.  In FL, she was employed as a group and family therapist at the Family Behavioral Center in Delray Beach, and as a job coach for Goodwill Industries.  Prior dual career as a nurse helps to understand symptoms and integrate  medical,  social,  holistic health, and pharmaceutical treatments.

Judy is a social activist who has lectured, led workshops, organized coalitions seeking to change our context by turning from a culture of domination/ war to a culture of partnership /peace—caring community and work for the common good..  She was one of the founders of the Palm Beach chapter of The Network of Spiritual Progressives in 2006.

Judy was born in Worcester, MA, educated at Hartford Hospital School of Nursing, CT, Case Western Reserve/ Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing, OH, Columbia School of Social Work, NY.  She has worked in a variety of Mental Health settings in CT, OH, NY, AZ, NH, and “retired” in FL in 2003.  She is divorced and has a daughter in FL and a son in MA.  Other personal interests and activities range from walks in the ocean to Unitarian-Universalism, water color painting to writing—poetry and political.  Connection to people and nature sustains it all.


Vicki St. Sauvere, AA – Visitation Services (Lakeland)

Staff - Vicki StMy experience working with families has been fulfilling, rewarding, and most helpful to clients in multiple ways.

Academically, I have an Associates degree in Criminal Justice and Certification in Child Care & Management. I first began working with families as an advocate for those mentally challenged, frequently teaching how to use public transportation and personal self care. Since then, I expanded my client populations to include those physically challenged and the elderly for whom i served as a Program Aide. I have written evaluations for each client, and made recommendations for their activities for daily living (ADR). Frequently, clients were impacted by hospitalizations and hospice and my role expanded to liaison with nurses, doctors and medical assistants. Such coordination skills is vital to assisting many family clients of the Toby Center.

Our families have different levels of maturity, life experience and child custody requirements. I draw upon my background as a consultant to young mothers and their children, many of them babies for whom I taught breastfeeding and baby care. Children have become a critical focus of my professional work in recent years. I have recently served as Community Outreach Representative for Kids Need Both, serving on committees for the regional Domestic Violence Task and (PIC) Partners in Crisis.

I earned my Certification as a Guardian Ad Litem in May 2015. This experience gives me further insight and skills for serving on the Toby Center team in Central Florida. As visitation monitor for families requiring neutral guidance and coordination, i can further assist families in moving forward.