Why Support the Toby Center?

Over one third of parents seeking visitation services do not have the resources to pay for these unfunded services.  Though court ordered, the courts do not provide the funding nor do any other municipal, state or private funders as of this writing.

Since 2008 when we first came to Florida, supervised visitation services were folding as the economy turned. Dr. Roseman brought his experience managing nearly 40 funded supervised visitation programs nationally. With few donors, the Toby Center absorbed the expenses of many families in Broward and Palm Beach County. Roseman invested much of his own capital and services in Florida to save those families where high conflict between parents existed and which the County Courts felt needed the most help.

Few funders have stepped forward to assist. Parents have had to pay for their visitation, therapy, and mediation needs, often in additional to high legal and court costs, and child support. You may easily realize that when a couple separates, so does disposable income. Life becomes very difficult. Dr. Roseman knows from his personal and professional experience.

Now, your tax deductible gift of support will enable a child and their parents more opportunity to develop a closer bond necessary for improving the child’s emotional and also physical outcomes.

Every contribution will extend the frequency and time that a child needs with a non-custodial parent. Your tax deductible contribution will supplement the delivery costs of services and permit a child to have a court ordered and affordable visitation, therapy for reunification and a strengthened relationship.

Why Donate to the Toby Center?

Research has shown that with involved parents, a child will be less prone to alcohol and drug abuse, greater self esteem, lower bullying and behavioral disorders, increased social skills.

Additionally, the Federal Department of Health and Human Services Office of Child Support Enforcement finds when a father is more involved in their child’s life, there will be fewer out of wedlock births, less juvenile crime, less bullying.

The Toby Center philosophy is clear. “When adult clients feel stronger, clearer and emotionally healthier during the transformative and traumatic period of separation and divorce, then children will become happier, better adjusted and thrive. This is our aim.”


Both my attorney and I think you your firm has done a remarkable job assisting my visitation with my son, Troy. AnonymousWhen I first came to the Toby Center, I felt completely isolated in my divorce. The Toby Center threw me a lifeline and caused me to believe that there was  hope for me and my children after this terrible tragedy. Thanks for all your caring. Ingrid E

In a sea of difficulties, it was so comforting to hear your voice and willingness to be of help.  thank you. Marcia

We may not get along, but I feel safe and look forward to seeing my children with your guidance. Thank you! Anonymous

I am so glad to see my children fairly regularly under this court order. I don’t  have the money I need to pay for these services often, though. Darryl

It is time to stop alienating kids from their parents, and the real world. Instead of pushing kids farther from their parents, we should be coming up with ways to unite them; giving them a sense of what is it like to be a family. The Toby Center will be able to offer all of this and they truly believe that the best parent is both parents. I must admit that after going through what I have, I completely agree with them, and fully support their wonderful cause.


Please donate to the Toby Center. Your help is needed by many families who are protected with court orders for visitation and therapy. Yet, the affordability is limited among many. Our target populations include Veterans and their families, parents of special needs children, parents seeking reunification because of prior domestic violence, alcohol and drug abuse, or obstructions by an angry custodial parent. Author Gail Sheehy termed these parents as “Dead bolted” parents.

A non profit corporation. EIN 91-211-5363Your tax deductible donation now will afford a child more opportunity to thrive, parents to become empowered, and families to be reunited. The Toby Center is a Child Net Provider.