Family Court Mediation

Mediation is the process where separated parents can reach decisions on everything affecting their lives following divorce. Most often, decisions are made on the raising of children including time sharing (visitation), child custody, and child support.

The Toby Center specializes in shared parenting planning. Whether you work with an attorney, or have another mediator assisting you, you may require the specialized knowledge of child rearing that Toby Center staff provide.

Mediations are facilitated by a professional mediator who is a State Certified Mediator or otherwise has completed formal mediation training in the State of Florida. Your Mediator will listen to each of the parents, and help the parties come to an agreement which will then be brought to Court for ratification.

By reaching a settlement through mediation, the parties then have completed an agreement that they want, not what the Court would want. Also, court and attorney costs are avoided or minimized. Meetings are confidential, and no one other than the parties and their counsel, if they have attorney representation, may attend the mediation process.

There is no record kept by the mediator of the discussions. There is no legal advice given in this process. The parties themselves have the opportunity to voice their concerns, their expectations, their abilities to come to an agreement with their former spouse.

Mediation is a wonderful opportunity for both parents to voice their concerns without judgment, and to achieve resolution of what would otherwise be a very emotional and financial expense.

Mediations can be scheduled to accommodate the time constraints of the parties.

Family Court Mediation Fees

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