Supervised Visitation

Toby Center Child Access Services offer parents and children a safe, neutral and comfortable location for child transfer and supervised access/visitation. Our trained monitors are respectful, compassionate and vigilant. Always ensuring your child’s safety and well being are our priority. Center staff help with family reunification and help reconnect children and families through support and facilitation by trained professionals.

The Toby Center forms partnerships with community and faith-based organizations to provide family friendly locations to conduct supervised visits and also neutral drop off and pick up locations as well. Our access centers provide trained monitors who are knowledgeable and compassionate. They are trained to ensure safety for all parties, to assure that children can be afforded quality, nurturing and loving sessions with their away parent. The Toby Center seeks neutral and comfortable places for child and parent interactions so as to eventually eliminate the need for client families to have supervised visitation and child exchange.

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What is a A Toby Center transfer or visitation location?

A Toby Center transfer or visitation location is a neutral, family friendly third party venue offering children’s toys, carpeting, comfortable and large furniture and children’s artwork. The Toby Center uses children’s museums, church owned house, and other friendly Center location. It is neither a parent or family member’s home for this does not represent neutrality.

Why a neutral transfer or visitation location

These locations eliminate the he said/she said in custody cases. Trained monitors observe and document each client transfer and visitation session. Neutrality affords a control for building integrity and honest interactions which can be protected by the monitors.

What is a Transfer?

A transfer occurs when one parent transfers the child to the other parent for as part of a custody or visitation agreement, often for an overnight during the week or for a weekend visitation. Transfers are all documented by trained monitors including what times were the exchanges, the conditions of the children, what transpired during the exchange, i.e., children’s emotional attitudes, parents’ apparent and spoken concerns and attitudes. Signatures are required and times noted including tardiness and no shows. Observations by monitors and comments made by parents are documented as well.

Recommendations for Attorneys and Pro Se Parent Parties

For appropriate supervised visitation, it is important that the parties have a court order. We have found that court orders frequently lack clarification for visitation including:

  • who is responsible for intake fee;
  • Who is responsible for service fees;
  • when will visitation be scheduled;
  • how frequently shall the visitation occur;
  • maximum number of hours.

Given these and other variables, we recommend that counsel consider our template which includes these and other details. Upon review, counsel is welcome to use and modify this to apply to their concerns for clients.

Click here for “Court Order For Supervised Visitation” template.

Please know that each party need consider that the Toby Center is responsible for the physical and emotional safety of both parents and children. Therefore, the Toby Center staff will consider all requests from the parties and or court order, but we will need to make the final determination of location, time, frequency based on our experience and background understanding of the clients including age and capacity of the children.

If you may have any questions, please contact the Toby Center Program Director.

The Visitation Program Director is also available to speak at your Bar Association of other Professional Association to explain any aspect of supervised visitation.


The Toby Center offers supervised visitation services to our family clients by making available a more affordable sliding scale fee structure.  The hourly fee is based on the documented total household income of the client requiring the visitation.  All income must be documented in order that we can afford to accommodate the client requiring the visitation. Fees must be prepaid before services can be rendered.  Acceptable payment is by debit or credit card and processed through the Toby Center Administrative Office, 855-862-9236, ext. 1.

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