What to do when the non-residential (visiting) parent is habitually late

The question is about time-sharing and when the non-residential (visiting) parent is habitually late to time-sharing sessions but demands the full amount of the 2-hour session time regardless. When is it permissible for the residential parent to leave with the child? In other words, how late is too late for the non-residential parent to arrive before the residential parent can leave and vacate the session due to the other’s tardiness?

Every provider of supervised visitation has policies addressing the time issues you raise. The Toby Center has our own policy. We explain all our policies during intake and orientation.

Arrival time is a fifteen minute window, and no more. The non residential parent who violates this is liable for payment to the Toby Center prior to rescheduling visitation. Each parent has a right to return to court to readjust the meeting schedule if there is need for That.

If you have counsel, your attorney should be able to guide you. If you do not have counsel, then you will want to return to court to request any change your require.