Who We Are

The Toby Center is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that provides a unique package of services – all on sliding scale – to preserve family ties when parents choose to separate.™

What We Do

Each Toby Center provides wraparound therapy, supervised visitation, parenting courses, mediation and child custody services for families transitioning through separation and divorce. We are committed to help create co parenting arrangements to improve child outcomes. Center staff strive to reduce conflict between parents, provide coping skills to restore confidence, and multiple court ordered services to help families move forward more comfortably during their court procedures.

Our Mission Statement

The mission of the Toby Center is to provide multiple services to parents journeying through separation and divorce in such a way as to reduce parent conflict and improve outcomes for children.

The Toby Center is a complete program of the many services separated and divorced parents and their children require including supervised visitation, therapy, family mediation and support. The Center is a uniquely holistic model addressing the individual’s emotional, psychological, and physical needs to maximize personal growth through personal understanding and willingness to adapt to what is often traumatic change.

Staff are compassionate, and skilled to offer family members more confidence as they adjust to current changes and transition through co-parenting and household adjustment.

It is found that when more services are available to clients, conflict is reduced, confidence is restored and clarity in one’s life can continue.

Our Vision for the Future

The Toby Center seeks to bring our mission nationally through regional Centers, affiliates and partnerships.

Our Philosophy

To validate your feelings as a parent when the courts redefine you as a custodial, or non custodial parent.  Regardless of the nomenclature used in your district court, you have now  entered a system which now focuses on you. It will carefully examine your ability to nurture your child, and requires you to specify how you will parent in conjunction with another parent or guardian.  Toby Center staff understand this frustration.  Let us help you deal with the many changes you, and your children, will now experience.

Our Areas of Service

The Toby Center brings our array of services through many convenient locations in South and Central Florida. Center locations are operated with the assistance of staff, affiliates and agency partnerships. The National Office is in Delray Beach, Florida. Through partnership with Kids Needs Both of Lakeland we deliver our services in Central Florida.

We continue to seek opportunities to help families in court districts nationally where families can benefit from supportive, compassionate, and professional family services for separated and divorced parents.

Other Information

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